31 July, 2011

Day 8 | Dia 8

Hey hey  y'all... as mr. Marino would say. The team made it very well from Paulo Afonso to Aracaju. It was a 7 hour bus ride but as most of us felt sleep turns out a short travel. haha...
SO... as traditionally we had lunch at McD's and then went to do shopping at the Open Market. Right after we headed to the hotel and then to the church around 7:30pm for a English Youth Service. It was fun.

To finish the day we went to dinner at an Italian Restaurant. Pasta! Macarroni! Spaghetti!! lol
It was really fun. The team will be leaving this afternoon. They are having a devotional around 9:30am and then leave the hotel to head to the airport around 10:45 - 11:00am.

Up till now the trip as been very  very Veeeeeeery blessed.
Talk to you all soon.

PS.: Here you are some pictures from Praticia's Facebook:
Mission Trip 2011 photo album.

Always in HIM,
:: Ermeson

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